Russell Crowe Bites the Hand That Feeds Him

Before a Cannes Film Festival press screening for Ridley Scott's soon-to-be-released blockbuster adaptation of Robin Hood, the movie's star, Russell Crowe, shared some thoughts on whom he thinks the heroic outlaw would steal from were he a real person living in the year 2010. » 5/12/10 11:58pm 5/12/10 11:58pm

Facebook Board Member's Profile Hacked

Facebook board member and investor Jim Breyer had his Facebook profile hacked over the weekend. According to PeHUB, Jim's account sent a message to his 2,300 or so Facebook friends over the weekend, asking them, "would you like a Facebook phone number?" The message also contained a link to "see more details and RSVP." » 5/10/10 3:36pm 5/10/10 3:36pm

Facebook Blames Riot Over Privacy on Media, Says Users 'Love' the…

Facebook is getting lots of heat about privacy lately. But a company exec told Computerworld that any complaining you're hearing is not from real users. » 5/07/10 6:46pm 5/07/10 6:46pm

10 Reasons Why You'll Be on Facebook Forever

After Facebook's most recent privacy kerfuffles—can you believe users were able to read each other's private chats?— it's once again become fashionable to say you're going to quit the social network. » 5/06/10 4:36pm 5/06/10 4:36pm

Are Americans Going to Stop Paying for TV?

There's a new study by the Yankee Group that says an average of one in eight Americans will decide to stop paying for their cable or satellite television service in the next year. » 5/04/10 5:05pm 5/04/10 5:05pm

Is Glenn Beck's Ratings Bonanza Finally Over?

Fox News' Glenn Beck might be a one-man $32 million media empire (books, radio shows, tours and more!) but what's going on with his marquee Fox News show?

The Los Angeles Times' Joe Flint reports that News Corp.-owned Fox News cable news ratings are still high above the competition. But Glenn Beck's total number of… » 4/29/10 5:27pm 4/29/10 5:27pm

James Murdoch Sticks Up For Daddy

"What are you fucking playing at?" Those were reportedly the opening words from Rupert Murdoch's son James Murdoch to The Independent editor in chief Simon Kelner. » 4/22/10 5:37pm 4/22/10 5:37pm

How Steve Jobs Dodged Death and Dedicated Himself to a New Cause

In the past three years, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has battled liver disease, undergone transplant surgery, and returned to run the multi-billion dollar company he co-founded. Now he's pushing for a state bill that may revolutionize California's organ donor system. » 4/20/10 3:03pm 4/20/10 3:03pm

CNN Sues iReporter For Insisting He Works at CNN

CNN built its iReport platform as a kind of YouTube for news: Readers report on their own news stories, which they can upload onto Now CNN is suing one of those iReporters for claiming he works for CNN. » 4/14/10 6:40pm 4/14/10 6:40pm

Yahoo Is Thinking About Buying Foursquare for as Much as $100 Million

Yahoo's M&A deal-makers are deciding right now whether or not to buy super-hot location-based startup Foursquare for around $100 million, says a source close to bankers involved in Foursquare's current fundraising efforts. » 4/06/10 12:58pm 4/06/10 12:58pm

The Trouble at AOL Continues

Everyone likes AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. But they're not sure he has any clue what he's doing. Especially now that yet another senior AOL content executive—Mike Porath, editor of AOL News—is headed out the door. » 3/31/10 12:22pm 3/31/10 12:22pm

The New York Times Paid Out $114,000 for Breaking a Secret Promise

The New York Times just paid $114,000 and apologized to the Singaporean prime minister for possibly implying that he got his job because his dad had the same job. » 3/29/10 11:05am 3/29/10 11:05am

The Real Reason Wireless Carriers Love Android: Google Is Paying Them To

Wireless carriers don't just like Google's Android phones because they're the next best thing to Apple's iPhone: They also like Android because Google is paying them to like it. » 3/25/10 9:49pm 3/25/10 9:49pm

The 15 Most Bizarre Insurance Policies Ever Written

Heidi Klum's legs. America Ferrera's pearly whites. David Beckham's precious limbs. Jennifer Lopez's aging ass. David Lee Roth's semen. (Seriously.) A list of 15 of the weirdest insurance policies ever created after the jump. » 3/25/10 3:11am 3/25/10 3:11am

Goldman Sachs Is Armed with 'High-Tech Anti-Rat Technology'

Thanks to you, the taxpayer—and following a bit of controversyGoldman Sachs moved into its new "global world headquarters" in Battery Park City late last year. The best part about it? No rats! At least for the moment. » 3/17/10 4:35pm 3/17/10 4:35pm

Did Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Break Electronic Privacy Laws?

Mark Zuckerberg's hacking of email accounts and user profiles in 2004 could be felonies under Federal and state law, according to privacy lawyers who spoke with Business Insider. » 3/11/10 3:44pm 3/11/10 3:44pm

Mark Zuckerberg Will Personally Hack Your Facebook Account

You have another reason to be worried about your privacy on Facebook. A new investigation reveals the company's founder hacked into the personal profiles and email of both his personal rivals and journalists. » 3/05/10 11:02am 3/05/10 11:02am