Facebook Board Member's Profile Hacked

Facebook board member and investor Jim Breyer had his Facebook profile hacked over the weekend. According to PeHUB, Jim's account sent a message to his 2,300 or so Facebook friends over the weekend, asking them, "would you like a Facebook phone number?" The message also contained a link to "see more details and RSVP." » 5/10/10 3:36pm 5/10/10 3:36pm

Is Glenn Beck's Ratings Bonanza Finally Over?

Fox News' Glenn Beck might be a one-man $32 million media empire (books, radio shows, tours and more!) but what's going on with his marquee Fox News show?

The Los Angeles Times' Joe Flint reports that News Corp.-owned Fox News cable news ratings are still high above the competition. But Glenn Beck's total number of… » 4/29/10 5:27pm 4/29/10 5:27pm

Goldman Sachs Is Armed with 'High-Tech Anti-Rat Technology'

Thanks to you, the taxpayer—and following a bit of controversyGoldman Sachs moved into its new "global world headquarters" in Battery Park City late last year. The best part about it? No rats! At least for the moment. » 3/17/10 4:35pm 3/17/10 4:35pm